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Irene & Christine Hohenbüchler; with participants of research program
September 27 - October 15,1999
For the Gallery Project at the CCA Kitakyushu, they collaborated with the participants of the Research Program.. The Hohenbuchlers said:

"The starting point is to collaborate in a kind of work in process with the artists in the Research Program of the CCA Kitakyushu in a working process. The plan is to create a space together, which consists of several artistic positions but becomes a unity in itself. We initiated this program because people of different cultures come together with different expectations of each other without a common language. Inspired by this lack of verbal communication, there is a possibility to communicate together by drawing, painting and various materials in a visual way.

As artists usually have a critical and doubtful character, it is unsure if this project will succeed: failure is included; "multiple authorship" as a main issue of this course means also losing one's individualistic identity in favor of an entire impression of the installation."

Irene & Christine Hohenbüchler stayed at the CCA Kitakyushu as professors of the Research Program during a month in September, 1999.
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