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Liam Gillick

June 5 - June 23, 2000
"This exhibition structure brings together at least two main elements. At the same time, the consideration was distracted by the possibility of staging a musical on the life of Woody Allen for the people of Kitakyushu.

The first element acknowledges the research part of the residency and brings together flat work by the artist including graphic designs, applied work and architectural projects alongside varied posters and prints. This material will be edited, adjusted and printed in Kitakyushu. The exhibition will be mirrored in a book provisionally titled "The Book of the 3rd of June".

At the same time as compiling and editing the graphic material, work will begin on a new text. The potential title of the previewed work is "Literally No Place" which sets out to examine shifting notions of conscience in a constantly mutating socio-economic environment. Bringing together Thomas More, B. F. Skinner, S. J. Perelman, Louis Althusser and others, "Literally No Place" will be outlined and introduced as an appendix to the book that accompanies this exhibition and will be developed further as an extended lecture / production during the project "Indiscipline," curated by Barbara van der Linden and Jens Hoffmann at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Brussels later this year." - Liam Gillick

Liam Gillick stayed at CCA Kitakyushu as a professor of the Research Program during a month in May, 2000.
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